Dharma Audiobooks

Dharma Audiobooks

Dharma Audiobooks is a new audiobook label with a clear brief: to present Buddhist recordings of all kinds – biographies, histories, talks, suttas and sutras from all traditions, commentaries and classic literature by Western Buddhists – in informed and professional productions. The recordings draw on all the main traditions – Theravada, Mahayana, Tibetan, Chinese and Japanese – as well as the rapidly increasing Western Buddhist tradition and feature some of the leading teachers and writers.

The titles include popular introductions such as Buddhism Plain and Simple and What The Buddha Taught and classic talks such as The Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha to recordings from the Pali Canon, biographies such as Cave In The Snow and The Life of Milarepa. All titles can be downloaded from Audible.


by Steve Hagen • Read by William Hope

In Meditation Now or Never Steve Hagen, a Zen priest and bestselling author of Buddhism Plain and Simple, provides an accessible and thorough manual on meditation, for both newcomers and experienced practitioners. In the modern world our lives are more frenetic than ever. Continue Reading



Poems of Early Buddhist Monks

Translated by Mrs Caroline Rhys Davids and Ajahn Sujato • Read Ratnadhya and Tejasvini

The Theragāthā is one of the most striking texts in the Pāli Canon. It is a collection of 264 poems or verses – some short, some long – by monks who, traditionally, lived at the time of the Buddha, and which expressed their experience of insight, the culmination of their spiritual path.  Continue Reading

By Walpola Sri Rahula • Read by Taradasa

Long regarded as one of the best introductions to Buddhism, What the Buddha Taught draws on the actual words spoken by the Buddha to give a lucid and accurate account of the fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine. Richly supported by extracts rom the ancient texts, Walpola Rahula gives clear and direct explanations of Buddhism’s essential teachings… Continue Reading



Their Lives, Their Works, Their Legacy

By Nyanaponika Thera & Hellmuth Hecker •Edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi • Read by Ratnadhya, Nicolette McKenzie, William Hope

Twenty-four of the Buddha’s most distinguished disciples are brought to life in ten chapters of rich narration. They include monks who were very close to him throughout his life, including Sāriputta and Mahāmoggallāna; his cousin and companion Ānanda; his principal women disciples, including the nun Isidāsī and his lay disciple, the courtesan Ambapāli; and the serial killer Angulimāla whose character was transformed after meeting the Buddha. Continue Reading


By Dr B. R. Ambedkar • Read by Sagar Arya

Dr B. R. Ambedkar (1891-1956) was one of the most extraordinary figures in the history of India. He was born in poor circumstances as an Untouchable – high castes regarded physical contact with Untouchables as polluting and condemned them to do the dirtiest of jobs, sweeping and the collection of human detritus. Continue Reading



Bonus Recording: Annihilation of Caste

by Urgyen Sangharakshita • Bonus Recording: Annihilation of Caste By Dr B. R. Ambedkar

Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was one of the most remarkable figures in the 20th century. Born an Untouchable – the lowest element of Indian society deemed to be outside the caste system, and literally ‘untouchable’ – he rose from abject village poverty to become the architect of the new Constitution of India following its independence from Britain in 1947. Continue Reading

Magic & Mystery in Tibet


The Classic Account Of A Woman’s Extraordinary Journey To Tibet

by Alexandra David-Néel • Read by Nicolette McKenzie

This classic memoir by the remarkable French explorer and Buddhist Alexandra David-Néel is the one of the greatest Buddhist travelogues of the 20th century. She was the first European woman to meet the Dalai Lama (in the 1920s) and in 1924 became the first to enter the forbidden Tibetan capital Lhasa. Continue Reading



Nicolas Soames co-founded and ran the award-winning spoken word label Naxos AudioBooks. Over a period of 20 years he built a list of 800 recordings of classics of world literature – from Homer and Dante to Austen, Dickens, James Joyce and Proust.

Dharma Audiobooks was started in 2015, recording Buddhist texts from all traditions and all ages, both ancient and modern. In 2016 he launched Ukemi Audiobooks with the purpose of recording neglected classics mainly from Western traditions – both fiction and non-fiction, ranging from Greek and Latin texts to philosophy (Nietzsche and Schopenhauer), psychology and psychoanalysis (Freud and Jung); and 20th century classics, including Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks and the early novels of Samuel Beckett.