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Loving kindness is one of the most important principles in Buddhism, and the ‘metta bhavana’, traditionally devised by the Buddha to develop it, is one of the most popular and important meditation practices. It is used throughout the world – practised in both in a secular and a Buddhist context for, as Vessantara (Tony McMahon) the English-born Buddhist meditation teacher with 40 years of experience declares, it appeals to, and is effective for, everyone regardless of views or faith. Buddhist Meditation – The Heart (the companion recording Buddhist Meditation – The Breath)  shows how cultivating more warmth, more kindness, and more happiness is possible for all of us. Vessantara sets the background to positive emotion, and the lack of it, demonstrating how this is reflected in the language we use – ‘getting to the heart of the matter’, good-hearted’, ‘broken-hearted’, ‘hard-hearted’. Generally, we receive no specific education on how to deal with matters of the heart (and not just romantically); but the ‘development of loving kindness’ meditation is a clear and lively method to systematically and dynamically come face to face with positive emotion (or the lack of it), and progress towards emotional stability and a deeper happiness. Through exercises and guided meditations, Vessantara leads the listener through the ‘five stages’ and also gives advice on posture, distractions and challenges. This is a ‘practice’ recording, best listened to attentively in a quiet place rather than the multi-tasking activity which often characterises the audiobook experience! It is also one that can change lives.



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