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THERAGĀTHĀ – Poems of Early Buddhist Monks

Translated by Mrs Caroline Rhys Davids and Ajahn Sujato
Read by Ratnadhya and Tejasvini
10 hours 46 minutes

The Theragāthā is one of the most striking texts in the Pāli Canon. It is a collection of 264 poems or verses – some short, some long –  by monks who, traditionally, lived at the time of the Buddha, and which expressed their experience of insight, the culmination of their spiritual path. In fact, it is generally recognised now that this collection was added to over the years, so that some of the verses date from a later time. Continue Reading →


therigathaTHERIGATHA – Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns

Translated by K.R. Norman and C.R.F. Davids
Read by Vishvantara and Jinananda
4 hours 29 minutes







This remarkable collection of 73 verses contained in the Khuddaka Nikaya section of the Pali Canon dates from the 6th century BCE. It is said to be the earliest voices of women in recorded history. The verses, some brief, some more extended, are the utterances of the Bhikkhunis, the nuns at the time of the Buddha, concerning their life and their ‘awakening’. Continue Reading →


What is the DharmaWhat is the Dharma

By Sangharakshita
Read by Jinananda
11 hours 30 minutes

Jinananda200Urgyen Sangharakshita

To walk in the footsteps of the Buddha we need a clear and thorough guide to the essential principles of Buddhism. Whether we have just begun our journey or are a practitioner with more experience, What is the Dharma? is an indispensable exploration of the Buddha’s teachings as found in the main Buddhist traditions. Continue Reading →



By Walpola Sri Rahula
Read by Taradasa
6 hours 20 minutes

Long regarded as one of the best introductions to Buddhism, What the Buddha Taught draws on the actual words spoken by the Buddha to give a lucid and accurate account of the fundamental principles of Buddhist doctrine. Continue Reading →


Who is Buddha (Large)Who is the Buddha

By Sangharakshita
Read by Jinananda
7 hours 48 minutes


This is not an ordinary biography of the Buddha. In his characteristically individual manner, Urgyen Sangharakshita – the leading English-born Buddhist teacher and founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community – recounts the known details of the Buddha’s life, but enriches the story with contemporary relevance. Unpicking the threads of historical and mythical information, he considers the underlying meaning in terms of 21st century life – and its affect on personal practice today. Continue Reading →