The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One

By Vishvapani Blomfield
Read by Jonathan Keeble
12 hours 11 minutes
Jonathan Keeble 1

While many accounts of the Buddha’s life mix legend and history, this compelling new biography discriminates between fact and fiction to reveal Gautama, the remarkable human being behind the myth, and sheds new light on his teachings.

Plunging us into the noises, smells and jostling streets of Gautama’s world, Vishvapani Blomfield brings the Buddha to life as a passionate and determined individual – a strikingly modern figure who rejected contemporary beliefs and found his own answers by mastering his mind.

Even after he gained Enlightenment and became the Buddha (‘ the Awakened One’) Gautama experienced struggles as well as triumphs as he trod India’s dusty paths. Vishvapani shows how he sought to establish a community of practitioners amid his society’s divided culture and perilous politics, and how the ideas that became the Buddhist teachings grew from Gautama’s efforts to address the needs and beliefs of his listeners.

Drawing on years of meticulous research into original sources, Gautama Buddha takes us to within touching distance of one of history’s greatest figures.


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Audiofile LogoAudoifile Review –  Blomfield’s ambitious full-length biography of Gautama Buddha–the source and voice of one of the world’s leading religions–is expertly delivered by narrator Jonathan Keeble. Click for full review


Vishvapani copyVishvapani Blomfield became a Buddhist at the age of 14. He took a First in English at Cambridge University, edited Dharma Life magazine for nine years, and is a prominent member of the Triratana Buddhist Order. He lives in Cardiff with his wife and son and contributes regularly to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’.

Click here for an interview with Vishvapani Blomfield as he discusses his research for his book Gautama Buddha.


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