great-disciples-of-the-buddhaGREAT DISCIPLES OF THE BUDDHA
Their Lives, Their Works, Their Legacy

By Nyanaponika Thera & Hellmuth Hecker
Edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi
Read by Ratnadhya, Nicolette McKenzie, William Hope
18 hours 20 minutes

Michael Lunts   Nicolette McKenzie  William Hope

Twenty-four of the Buddha’s most distinguished disciples are brought to life in ten chapters of rich narration. They include monks who were very close to him throughout his life, including Sāriputta and Mahāmoggallāna; his cousin and companion Ānanda; his principal women disciples, including the nun Isidāsī and his lay disciple, the courtesan Ambapāli; and the serial killer Angulimāla whose character was transformed after meeting the Buddha. Drawn from a wide range of authentic Pāli sources, the material in these stories has never before been assembled in a single volume. Through these engaging tales – incorporating both historical material and myth – we meet all manner of human beings – rich, poor, male, female, young, old – whose unique stories are told with an eye to the details of ordinary human concerns. When read with careful attention, these stories can sharpen our understanding of the Buddhist path by allowing us to contemplate the living portraits of the people who fulfilled the early Buddhist ideals of human perfection. Other characters include the nuns Nandā and Visākha, and the monks Anuruddha and Mahākaccāna. “Great Disciples of the Buddha” allows the reader to easily place each student in the larger picture of Buddha’s life and provides a glimpse into the lives and personalities of those who lived, knew and followed the Buddha as he walked the paths of India 2,500 years ago, teaching wherever he went. Edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Ratnadhya (Michael Lunts) is an actor, pianist, and ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Among his other recordings for Dharma Audiobooks are The Rainbow Road, Ambedkar and Buddhism and The Udana.

Nicolette McKenzie has recorded numerous audiobooks, including, for Dharma Audiobooks, Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Néel.

William Hope’s acting credits cover a wide range, including Hollywood (Aliens) scores of audiobooks (including many American classics). He reads The Life of Milarepa and The Bodhicāryavatāra for Dharma Audiobooks. He has had an active practice in the Tibetan tradition for many decades.


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