By Steve Hagen
Read William Hope
4 hours 43 minutes


In Meditation Now or Never Steve Hagen, a Zen priest and bestselling author of Buddhism Plain and Simple, provides an accessible and thorough manual on meditation, for both newcomers and experienced practitioners. In the modern world our lives are more frenetic than ever. We live with a burning sense that we have to get something done. But what do we really achieve? And why are we never satisfied? This book is an invitation to switch off, and to enjoy stillness – right now. Steve Hagen offers simple practices that avoid needlessly complicating meditation; highlights where many of us get stuck in meditating – and how to get unstuck; and, above all, focuses on meditation not simply as a spiritual technique, but as a way of living.


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Steve Hagen is a Zen priest, a long-time teacher of Buddhism and the author of How the World can be the Way It is.

He began studying Buddhism in 1967 and in 1975 became a student of Zen master Dainin Katagiri. Hagen was ordained a Zen priest in 1979 and later studied with a number of other teachers in Asia and Europe. In 1989 he received Dharma Transmission (endorsement to teach) from Katagiri Roshi.

Hagen lives in Minneapolis, where he lectures, teaches meditation and leads retreats at the Dharma Field Meditation and Learning Center.

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