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Hayward Morse

Hayward Morse

Hayward Morse

Hayward Morse began his career as a child actor with work in a number of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He made his U.S. television debut in 1959 with Ingrid Bergman in the critically acclaimed and premiere NBC color production of Startime: The Turn of the Screw (1959). At the age of 16 he was accepted on a scholarship to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and worked extensively in British regional theatre until making his West End debut in the original production of ‘Joe Orton”s “What The Butler Saw” with Sir Ralph Richardson. Since then he has appeared in many stage, television, radio, and film productions in Britain and abroad. He received a Best Supporting Actor ‘Tony’ award nomination for his performance in ‘Simon Gray”s “Butley” on Broadway, was in the first version of “The Rocky Horror Show”, and has appeared in many of Shakespeare’s plays internationally. Hayward has performed hundreds of audio books recordings, including the works of Jackie Collins and Arthur C. Clarke‘s “Rendezvous With Rama”.



By Bhikkhu Ñānamoli
Read by Hayward B. Morse and Leighton Pugh with Nicolette McKenzie, Jinananda and John Foley
16 hours 5 minutes


To do no evil deeds, to give effect to good, To purify the heart; this is the Buddha’s teaching.

Walking beside the Buddha. This unique biography, told in a lively manner through six ‘voices’, presents the Buddha’s revolutionary solution for humanity that lends to the end of ill will, craving and delusion. It goes back to the earliest sources of the Buddha’s life and teachings, drawing as it does from the Pali Canon which was said to record the words that the Buddha spoke, the events that happened, and his specific teachings on which the world-wide religion was based. It is an absorbing, edifying and even entertaining collection of reportage, myths, wisdom, kindness, human insight – and decisiveness. Continue Reading →