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The Group of Discourses

Translated by K. R. NORMAN
Read by Jinananda
5 hours 41 minutes


It is widely accepted that the Sutta Nipata contains ‘the earliest recorded version’ of the Buddha’s teaching. It is an anthology of poetry and prose – seventy titled suttas of varied instruction and temperament arranged in five chapters. At the start are two of its most famous suttas, The Snake, in which the actions of the practising bhikkhu approaching liberation is likened to a snake that ‘leaves its old worn-out skin’; and The Rhinoceros Horn that expounds the virtue of solitude for those with serious spiritual intent. Continue Reading →


therigathaTHERIGATHA – Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns

Translated by K.R. Norman and C.R.F. Davids
Read by Vishvantara and Jinananda
4 hours 29 minutes







This remarkable collection of 73 verses contained in the Khuddaka Nikaya section of the Pali Canon dates from the 6th century BCE. It is said to be the earliest voices of women in recorded history. The verses, some brief, some more extended, are the utterances of the Bhikkhunis, the nuns at the time of the Buddha, concerning their life and their ‘awakening’. Continue Reading →