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Sister Vajira and Francis Story

Sister Vajira and Francis Story

Sister VajiraBorn Hannelore Wolf in 1928 in Germany, she became a Buddhist nun in 1955 in Sri Lanka. Suffering from ill-health, she became a translator of Pali texts. She disrobed in 1962, returned to Germany and died in 1991, aged 63. Francis Story (1910-1972) (Anagarika Sugatananda) was born in England in 1910 and became acquainted with Buddhist teachings early in life. For 25 years he lived in Asian countries — India, Burma, and Sri Lanka — where he deeply studied the Buddhist philosophy of life. With that background and endowed with a keen analytical mind, he produced a considerable body of writings, collected and published in three volumes by the Buddhist Publication Society.


The Last Days of the Buddha

Translated by Sister Vajira and Francis Story
Read by Sean Barrett
2 hours 41 minutes





After a long and fruitful life, the Buddha is now 80. For 50 years after his Enlightenment he has been walking the hot, dusty roads of North Eastern India with just robe and bowl, tirelessly and selflessly teaching and inspiring. He knows death is approaching. Continue Reading →